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Food & Wine

Private Catering at Your Home

Enjoy a nice meal with your significant other or a small gathering without being overwhelmed by the preparation process. Trio Chicken of Lincol Park, Michigan, provides in-home catering with the culinary aspect that is missing from most food being sold today. We bring something different to the table that you will absolutely enjoy and want to experience again and again.

Collaborative Planning

We communicate with you through email about your ideas and what you envision for this special time. In addition to grilling, frying, sautéing, and baking items, our caterer can incorporate wine tasting as well. Our goal is to make the occasion fun and memorable for everyone involved. Contact us to arrange a wonderful culinary experience in the privacy of your own home and or pickup entrees and specialsat our location. Located in Lincoln Park, just off Southfield Rd. and Fort St.

Entree With Wine